Goeyvaerts String Trio on Challenge Records

Arvo Pärt's STABAT MATER & Ivan Moody's SIMERON

Goeyvaerts String Trio presented in 2014 the first recording of Avro Pärt's Stabat Mater in just intonation. This is a unique recording that opens the score to a new level:

"Pure pitches of just intonation  penetrate the soul and dissolve deep sadness into consolation…

a moving and intimate experience of Sublime beauty..."

I had the chance to be an intimate witness of the process and wrote the liner notes for this unique and awardwinning production.

An impression of the recordings in the Beauyfays Church that served as recording studio.

Goeyvaerts String Trio explains in this video the use of 'just intonation' in Arvo Pärt's Stabat Mater on their new recording.

The pioneering album ‘Stabat Mater’ from The Goeyvaerts String Trio is finally here! Stabat Mater from Arvo Pärt is for the first time performed in just intonation. Besides, it contains the world premier recording of Ivan Moody’s Simeron, which was composed for the Gergiev festival Rotterdam.

Liner notes :  Icon, words and music, or how a universal language can offer the greatest intimacy

Arvo Pärt and Ivan Moody have both turned to Orthodox Christianity at some point in their lives and this has permeated the work of both of them in a particular way. Pärt’s relationship with the icon has already been examined by Paul Hillier in his musicological monograph about the composer. Moody himself makes a comparison to the icon in his score.

The icon is a representation of God or a saint, a reference to the transcendent truth. Pärt’s Stabat Mater and Moody’s Simeron each refer in their own way to a truth that unfolds in their music – and specifically in these performances. The listener (Orthodox or not) will be affected by the particular tonal texture which, in Pärt’s case at least, far transcends the text and exposes a truth of human existence.

text by: Philippe Grisar

Printed in English, French and German; Nederlandse versie

Line-up: Kristien Roels, violin; Kris Matthynssens, viola; Pieter Stas, cello; Zsuzsi Tóth, soprano; Barnabás Hegyi, countertenor; Olivier Berten, tenor

Reviews and comments 

The Goeyvaerts String Trio won EDISON Classic 2014,

This prestigious price is a reward for an album of outstanding quality. The Edison Classic 2014 will be presented November 29th at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht.

In the jury report we can read:

'The Goeyvaerts String Trio makes Pärt’s Stabat Mater bloom as never before: crystal clear and full of overtones. Also Simeron of Ivan Moody, composed for the trio, is being played and sung in an unbelievably impressive way.'


+Editor's Choise in Gramophome

"The absolute control and pinpoint perfection required by pieces such as these is masterfully achieved: the result is incredibly, movingly, beautiful."

+A 10 in Luister (renowned Dutch magazine) by  Margaretha Coonstra:

... the extreme precision and purity of this recording (virtuosity is too blaring as word) seems again a revelation. [...] Even if words fall short in this meditation of sounds on resurrection and redemption, Philippe Grisar's philosophical reflection in the nicely bound booklet,  is a truly  meaningful supplement.

(Full Eng. translation)

Fanfaremag.com (May/June 2015) by

Ronald E. Grames:

The sound is transparent and detailed, with a palpable sound stage, so that I thought it might actually be an SACD. It is not, and some of the violin upper harmonics give this away, but it is in every way a lovely presentation of the music-making. The disc comes in a bound volume with a sleeve loose enough that one can, with care, get the disc in and out without scratching it. The notes, by psychoanalyst and therapist Philippe Grisar, are a contemplation of the music, Orthodox iconography, and the events they portray; quite lovely in themselves.

In March 2014 issue of 'Luister': "Lauwerkrans voor Goeyvaerts String Trio, In reine stemming" (Laurel wreath for Goeywaerts String Trio, In Just Intonation),subject 'Project' by M. Coonstra, pp. 100-102.

+ by Ferruccio Nuzzo (Italian)

"...oggi la scopriamo molto più … fantastica, illuminata dai mille colori che si schiudono sotto le dita dell’interprete."

" we discover the ... more ... fantastic, illuminated by thousands of colors that will hatch under the fingers of the interpreter. "

+ by Mel Martin in Audiophile Audition

"This is a wonderful performance and recording. Listeners who connect with the somberness and spirituality of Pärt will feel right at home.  Highly recommended!"

+ by Frits Broekema (Dutch/Eng.)

"De drie zangers, evenals het strijktrio, leveren in samenklank en solistisch in dit zeer openliggende werk een vlekkeloze prestatie, waarbij de eerste riskant hoge maar spatzuiver gezongen inzet van de sopraan zeker vermeld moet worden. "

+ highly recomended in New York

"There is a new recording of Pärt’s music I highly recommend"

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